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Welcome to Descendants N Ancestors ® .   You're a Descendant from the most Amazing people in the World......your Ancestors! Their lives shaped and influenced yours. It's easy to understand why people strive to learn more about their heritage. It's in your DNA! SM

Today In History

Here are some interesting facts ih history happened on 23 April.

  1. Blossom Rock in San Francisco Bay blown up.

  2. Courtesy Mail Boxes for motorists started in San Francisco.

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These famous people were born on 23 April.

  1. 1564 - William Shakespeare, bard

  2. 1791 - James Buchanan, 15th President (1857-1861)

  3. 1813 - Stephen Douglas, the "Little Giant", debated Lincoln

  4. 1928 - Shirley Temple, child